Solutions from Pentana Solutions

Pentana Solutions offers a suite of innovative IT solutions, specifically researched and designed for Car Manufacturers, Distributors, Auto, Motorcycles, Commercial Vehicles, Truck Dealerships and Repair Centers. All the solutions we offer, have been created with the modern technologies (object oriented programming, web user and responsive interface, support for virtual environments and cloud, etc.), in order to ensure reliability, ease of use and deployment, ease of integration, and completeness.

The Applications from Pentana Solutions received National and International Awards.

Our solutions are outstanding due to the rigour of their design and continuous improvement processes delivered from the listening to our customers and our deep industry knowledge.

We actively cooperate with the main technology Players (Microsoft, Google…); Car Manufacturers and many of the most important National and International Automotive Groups so to be in position to anticipate the market changes and make our solutions available at competitive costs.

Many IT Vendors claim to offer viable solutions which fully meet their customers’ needs, but this often happens only thanks to Third Parties integrations which – operating on different databases, different interfaces and different operating conventions – can only be  “more or less in line” with the main product.

In this sense, Pentana Solutions, is “unique” within the industry, by providing a comprehensive and coherent application suite with modular solutions, fully developed by its internal Research Centres, and designed to work in harmonized synergy with each other, without duplications, reconnections or risk of data misalignment among DMS, CRM, Document Filing, Business Intelligence, etc.

Among the many solutions offered by Pentana Solutions it is worth mentioning:


Our DMS, which is the best DMS currently on the market is branded SIPAD.X in Italy and DealerPro Europe, abroad. It is equipped with international certifications and globally recognized by the major car manufacturers. Designed in Italy and specifically optimized for local, legal and fiscal practice.

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The award-winning Business Intelligence solution based on QlikView.
A control console at the disposal of your Company, able to monitor the main KPI (Key Performance Indicators) for each management area in real time, providing predictive scenarios and support for decisions. With full “mobile” support.


Thanks to the “Wilkinson” OCR engine, owner of Pentana Solutions, the solution which is already popular in USA, Japan and Australia is now available for the European market.
Substitute archiving, documents acquisition automatically linked to the DMS via bar-code, graphometric digital signature, and more…


Mobile extension of the DMS with a responsive interface for commercial vehicles management on tablet devices and smart phones. It manages the already existing contacts, the prospects and the leads, the offers, the new cars configuration, the contracts, the evaluation and collection of used vehicles, etc.


Modular Distribution System, the solution chosen by Importers and Distributors worldwide for managing their operations. A comprehensive and innovative E.R.P. – Enterprise Resource Planning, able to reduce the cost of ownership by 50% – in comparison to similar systems.


Electronic Parts Catalogue: a suite of products and services specifically designed for Car Manufacturers, Distributors and Spare Parts Manufacturers: from the digitization and the indexing of technical schemes and microfiches to the issuing and the consultation through dedicated application/ web portal fully configurable and customizable.