The innovative, modular business software solution, specifically designed for modern car dealerships.

Sipad.X has been designed taking tuned to the most recent evolutions in regulation and business management (new Distribution contracts, etc.), and in technology (Internet, XML, etc.).

It is reliable, scalable, easy-to-implement and complete:

  • from the accounting to the sales
  • from the warehouse to the workshop
  • from the management and electronic archiving of documents to the Internet
  • from the tutored reports generation of reports and data analysis to the economic control management

It is a multi-user, multi-company, multi-site, multi-brand and multi-warehouse solution.

Why choose Sipad.X/DealerPro:

  • Technologically advanced

    Designed according to the most recent technologies and criteria (Computer Aided Software Engineering); it has a full graphical User Interface and includes functions such as the movable support with adaptive visualization. It is independent from the operating system and the chosen database, and supports the most popular platforms on the market, ensuring the User the most flexible scalability, protecting the investments made.

  • Open and integrated

    Sipad.X specifically designed for immediate and transparent integration with Third Party/OEM technical and management applications: E.P.C. – Electronic parts catalog, D.C.S. – Communication and data exchange, T.I.S. – technical documentation system, D.I.S. – diagnostic system, etc. up to now we have over 1,000 certified interfaces.

  • Oriented towards customers, quality and processes

    At the core of Sipad.X there is its C.R.M. (Customer Relationship Manager) functionality, able to capture and share all information about customers and prospects with all application modules. In particular, for prospects, it is possible to detect and manage their personal data (preferences, distance km.; annual income etc.), those regarding their family (number of cars owned, children, etc.), their economic data (the generated revenue etc.) and technical data (workshop history, reparations required… etc.).
    Sipad.X provides the user with many functionalities – with reference models based on the so-called “best practices” – tracking and automatically controlling the Dealership timings and operation methods (automatic detection of the workshop timings, of the businesses activities.. etc.). These features enable the implementation and/or the support of the Quality System Certificate (ISO9000), allowing the tracking of activities performed by each employee/user and ensure that these actions meet the reference patterns indicated by the standards agreed with customers.

  • Complete

    Sipad.X fully supports all the functional and operational requirements of a modern Dealership
    – Accounting and Administration Management
    – CRM & Marketing Management
    – New and Used Car Management
    – Warehouse management
    – Workshop Management
    – Management Report Writer
    – Management of Optional modules.

  • Flexible

    Sipad.X is specifically designed to fit both the most complex multi-brand realities as well as the smaller-sized Dealerships, dealing with just one brand. Its flexibility is a synonym of it being entirely user-friendly thanks to the presence of innovative tools such as the Report Writer module, the customized handling of menus and processes, programming scripts, etc.; it also allows the full customization of the operating environment.

  • Profitable

    Sipad.X is a sound good investment: it empowers the user putting them in the best position for managing the customer, operational efficiency and increased automation of many repetitive tasks. It is an efficient tool for tracking purchases, sales and cash flow trends and analyze the Company. It allows the early identification of possible management criticalities and enhances the synergy among the various departments and operators, constituting a real competitive advantage and exalting the value chain.


Pentana Solutions enriches its DMS with countless functional extensions (add-on) that provide a wide range of customization possibilities and a real time, robust integration with Third Party application solutions. Among the dozens options available Pentana Solutions includes:

  • COM/BDC Module

    It extends the features of Pentana Solutions DMS allowing automatic text messages and e-mails, customizing the algorythms behind them upon to meet the user’s needs. It integrates with the SIP and VOLP switchboards for the automated recording of the call-data within the CRM/BDC modules of the DMS.

  • CSI Management

    Quality surveys, Customers’ satisfaction management and monitoring of the non-complicances and statistics.

  • OSB (Online Service Booking)

    Management of the service bookings, sent via web with acceptance managed by the Operator or automatized.

  • VHC (Vehicle Health Check)

    Integration with the Infomedia’s “SuperService” solutions, for increasing Customer loyalty and the Service profitability: customized management of the service packages, vehicle assisted check-up, digital taping of the working progresses and more…

  • Advanced finance management

    Integration with DocFinance for complete management of financial cash flows, for compliance management, accounts reconciliation, management of the relationship with banks ecc.

  • Integration with the used vehicles database

    Full integration with third parties (i.e. Eurotax/Glass, Quattroruote) database for the evaluation of the used vehices. It is possible to have a subscription with the provider of choice (not included). It is possible to have a double evaluation (> double subscription) for each vehicle – i.e. evaluation through Quattroruote with the end customer and an Eurotax evaluated stock.

  • Integration with Asconauto

    Complete support to the “Integra” standard for the data exchange between spare parts orders and the logistics of the National Auto Dealers Consortia platform.